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“The best way to complain is to make things.” –James Murphy

  • I’m looking forward seeing: Genius, Nat Geo’s new anthology series about Albert Einstein, portrayed by Geoffrey Rush.
  • What I’m watching: Planet Earth II. It hasn’t released yet in the US, but I watched two episodes on a British Airways flight from London to Singapore. I would have binge watched the entire season, but it was time to get off the plane. I don’t know how it’s possible given how incredible Planet Earth is, but so far, I think Planet Earth II is even better. The segment on chinstrap penguins on Zavodovsky Island on The Islands episode = amazing. And some never seen footage of snow leopards in the Himalaya = even more amazing. Peter Matthiessen wrote an entire book on his search for the rarely seen snow leopard, and you get an entire segment on them in the Mountains episode. Watch the trailer or better yet set aside 6 hours to watch the entire season.
  • My favorite Siesta Doors photo this week. Read more about my Siesta Doors project here.
Siesta Doors #018

El Arte

Carrer del Mar, La Xerea, Valencia, Spain
Willet (Tringa semipalmata

Amelia Island, Florida
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