Weekly Roundup

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world” –Albert Einstein

  • My favorite photo this week on Instagram: Colorful (above)
  • One of my favorite facts about hummingbirds is that they use spider webs to construct their nests. Read more about it at Aubudon.
  • Read this EU report on the impact of marine litter to ocean wildlife.
  • Podcast I enjoyed: I more than enjoyed this conversation with Malcolm Gladwell and Tyler Cowen. Highly recommended. And the best part of the podcast? Malcolm said there will be new episodes of my favorite podcast, Revisionist History in June!
  • Taking a little break from the Siesta Doors project until I return to Valencia, Spain next week. Sharing one of my favorites from the project:
Siesta Doors #7
Carrer del Comte de Montornés, La Xerea, 
Valencia, Spain
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