Snapshat Haiku is a series of my haiku paired with one of my photographs.

Photograph and Words is a series of favorite poems paired with one of my photographs. I took some photos with the poem in mind. Other times, as I’m reading the poem, I start to visualize one of my images. It’s my humble attempt at distilling the meaning of the poem into one image. Sometimes, it’ll be literal and obvious, and other times, not so.

On Photography includes few things I’ve written about photography.

On Reading is a series of posts about my self-paced MFA, where I read a poem, short story, and essay each day.

Imperfectionist Writings includes some of my favorite pieces of writing from The Imperfectionist.

Book Reviews are just that! They are book reviews I’ve written. You can also find them on Goodreads.

Roundup is a collection of my weekly roundups which includes any interesting things I found or did that week. Sometimes they are frequent and sometimes not.


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